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Choose Your Floor Tiles Cautiously They Matter A Lot

When it comes to designing your rooms especially your sitting room where you will be spending a lot of your time, considering the small elements become essential. One such element is the flooring of the sitting room which holds immense importance in the overall interior of any room. There are several options to choose from when it comes to flooring, however using floor tiles are one versatile way of enhancing the […]

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Fancy a Wall Collage on Your Walls

                            There is no other opinion on the fact that walls are an integral part of any home or its interiors. A well furnished and painted wall enhance, while an ignored wall bargains on the beauty of the room and it’s interior. There are lots of ways to decorate a wall like using a wall painting, beautiful wall […]

Living Room interior designing Ideas- 25

Ten Hitches in Interior Designing That Should Be Avoided

When it comes to designing new interiors or redesigning the old ones, we do not always hire professionals to do the job rather pick inspirations from their work. While everything we do seem to be from some idea or style we saw or read about there are certain hitches in interior designing that should be avoided at all cost if you wish to present an interior that is aesthetically designed. […]

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The Effects Interior Lightings Can Bring To Your Spaces

Interior lightings are among the most overlooked yet the most important of elements to be considered in interior designing of any home, office or other spaces. Although beautiful interiors and luxury designs have very little effect if they are not properly illuminated with proper lighting or are not facilitated with proper lighting to make them practical and functional. Not only is the lighting of any room essential to make it […]

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Laundry Room Design Essentials Because They are Part of Your Home Too

Laundry room design have increasingly been becoming a main area of concern for interior designers as this room is no longer a mere laundry room today, rather it has developed as a family hub where most of the important cleaning, ironing and folding jobs are done. Being a part of your home, everyone would like to have an organized space everywhere, even in the laundry room. Since a lot of […]

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How to Use Those Gauche Spaces At Home

Although modern architecture today seldom leaves any corner or nook unattended or without a purpose however some designs with specific purposes in mind are bound to leave a few corners that are really awkward to fill in when you are doing your interiors.  Many older constructed homes too, have these nooks and corners that are found to be really awkward to use up. These gauche spaces at home or corners […]